About Us

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Who Are We?

At Genios our objective is to find you the best alternative to your current suppliers, enabling you to save money on your bills.

We can do this due to our unique partnerships with our suppliers.

Every client that joins the Genios family will have their own agent looking for the best deals, they will remind you of upcoming expiry dates so you don't get caught out with automatic renewals.

We take care of absolutely everything, to make every switch stress free.

And the best part, there is no charge.

Our service is free, easy and there to help you save.







We at Genios have had a history of selling and renting properties for over 10 years.


In this time we have seen clients requiring all the necessities such as insurance, title changes and even wifi ideally from the day they move in, so we decided we want to help our clients do this and the general population get the correct products and more importantly at the correct price.

We have been in Tenerife now for 7 years and this was a new project created and made during lockdown in Tenerife when we saw so many people struggling with the prices on electric, internet and their insurance.

OUR Story

What We Can Do For You?

Our goal is to save you money.


We can construct a comprehensive price comparison and all we need is few bits of information from you...


To make sure we get it right, the more we get, the more thorough our search can be. It is important for us to collect this information before we discuss options as there are many different companies, tariffs, rates, and initiatives that can be involved and we need to know exactly what we are working with in order to give you an accurate quote, with the best possible price for you.